Top 5 table tennis matches of all time

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The table tennis is an Olympic sport which is played indoors, but it can be played outdoors as well.  It is an interesting game, and the techniques are quite complex that requires speed, agility and balance. Mastering the game can take a whole lot of hours, dedication and perseverance.  The game’s objective is to score 11 points before your opponent does. Table tennis players hit the ball with their paddle back and forth with the ball bouncing once on their side and the second bounce on the opponent’s side of the table. There are numerous techniques that are involved, and only the most skilful can perform a good technique.  Skills to be a good table tennis player require a good grip, serve, stroke, spin and a balanced footwork.

The game goes very fast, and it requires the players to have a quick reaction which makes the game all the more intriguing to watch. Among all the matches that have been played, some matches stood out because they were amazing so here are the top 5 table tennis matches:

  1. Kenta Matsudaira vs. Ma Lin– the battle between Kenta Matsudaira vs. Ma Lin that took place in WTTC 2009 1/8 final is splendid, and this is definitely one of the top matches in the history of table tennis. Even if you do not know the terms, the rules or even the game itself, if you watch their match you will be absolutely amazed. Ma Lin’s serves are skilful, and Kenta Matsudaira’s ability is fascinating
  2. Zhang Jike vs. Ma Long- The match between Zhang Jike and Ma long during the Austrian Open 2011 Final was an incredible game to watch. Both the players are very skilled with their own style of playing.
  3. Timo Boll vs. Ma Lin- The game that was played during the Qatar Open, 2009 between Timo Boll and Ma Lin is a wonderful game. Both are good players, and this game is probably one of the best games of Timo Boll.
  4. Dimitrij Ovtcharov vs. Jun Mizutani- This is a superb match between Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Jun Mizutani played during the German Open 2014 Final. They are both an outstanding player, and their matches are always epic.
  5. Xu Xin vs. Wang Hao- It is an incredible match between Xu Xin vs. Wang Hao during the Qatar Open 2012 Men’s Singles Final. It is a beautiful match between the two players and both are using the pen hold grip.

These matches are one of the best so far. You cannot keep your eyes on the match because you do not want to miss any of it. There is nothing else to do but be in awe of their skills and the various techniques that they use during the matches. The player’s reaction and reflexes show how much they have practised and how skilful they are.

Watching these matches will make you question the table tennis you think you know and how the professional tennis players get their incredible super abilities.

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