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Secret methods of profitable tennis betting

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Do not particularly spread the knowledge described in this system. If you had a profitable business, would you share your secrets with others? Please refer to this information as well as to the secrets of your business.

Focus on profits over long distances. Do not wait for a momentary profit.

Start now by allocating a certain amount to your bets. This is your gaming bank. Refer to this bank just as you would treat your small business or a “limited liability company”. Depending on your budget, you can start betting 10, 20, 50, 100 pounds or any other amount with which you are comfortable working.

Use only 5% of your gaming bank for each bet. Do not change its size while you are comfortable working with it and while you are happy with the size of the profit. Once you reach that stage when satisfied with the size of the profit, start shooting it every month or so.

Very important

unsuccessful week

Do not get discouraged because of the results of an unsuccessful week or even a month! Although this system brings me a javelin for 9 years already, I have had bad weeks and I can count 5 unsuccessful months, where I lost not too much money. This is part of the business. If you are not able to recognize the fact that in any business there are ups and downs, then it is possible to do business, this is not for you. The essence of the system is that at a long distance you are guaranteed to make a profit.

If you start with a not very good month, (which is unlikely) then just have patience and will be generously rewarded for it.

Even more important

Out of respect before the law, I must say the following. Although the results of the system are confirmed by nine years of experience, there are still no 100% guarantees that the system will remain profitable in the future. If you want to minimize the risk, then test the system on paper first, and only then on real money. Yet I believe that the system will not disappoint you and will bring a lot of profit. Good luck!


You are on the threshold of disclosing the technique of making money, which will change your life for the better, forever!

Sit flat, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy …

You’ve probably heard that in tennis matches there are no draws and the favourite defeats the underdog much more often. However, you cannot earn by simply betting on the favourite. There are several rules that you need to follow in order to earn good money by betting on tennis day after day.

The principle of betting on favourites in a tennis match:

rafael nadal

The greater the gap in the coefficients between the favourite and the outsider, the more benefits you will get.

Using the above principle, I developed two rules that maximize profits and at the same time help avoid matches that reduce your long-term profit.

Two rules for the selection of matches providing long-term profit

Rule 1

The minimum coefficient for the favourite should be 1.45 or higher. So if the favourite is given a coefficient of 1.14, 1.3 and even 1.44, then ignore this match (a little later I’ll explain why).

Rule 2

The difference between the coefficients for the favourite and for the outsider should be 0.5 or more.

Here’s how it works:

You most likely think that in matches like:

Favourite to 1.14

Outsider to 5.30

The favourite has a better chance of winning that will eventually yield a long-term profit, however this is not so!

The problem with such matches as in the example above is that the coefficient on the favourite is too small in comparison with the odds-on favourites in other matches. If you examine the long-term trend, you will see that the profit increases significantly if you exclude all matches in which the coefficient for the favourite is below 1.45. Thus, 1.45 is the optimal minimum of the coefficient for winning the favourite.

tennis match

Now following rule 2 we want to make sure that the favourite has more than just a chance to win the match. 0.5 this is the smallest difference in the coefficients of the favourite and the outsider that we will take. In general, the greater the difference in the coefficients, the more likely the winner will win, but if you look only for matches in which the difference in odds is very high (say 1), then you will find very few such matches. This will ultimately affect your overall income.

Following rule 2 exactly, my long-term pass rate is 74.3%, which gives me 1.74 pounds of profit on average with a bet.

If you want to achieve such indicators as I have in a short period of time, then you will need to select matches with a difference in odds on the favourite and the outsider of at least 0.8 or 0.9

How to determine the winner in a matter of seconds

Just by looking at the daily schedule of matches you will determine the matches that do not fit at all. It will be matches in which odds on favourites and the outsiders are very close

Follow these instructions to achieve results

Championship Matches

championship match

The first matches of the championships always give unsatisfactory results. This is due to the fact that the players are warming up and do not give 100%.

Given this, I designed the system so as not to lose money in such early matches.

Basically, you have to skip all the first rounds and start betting only on the second rounds. You can learn more about pokies and play games instead of betting meanwhile but this is extremely important: SKIP FIRST ROUNDS. The best will be put on third and final rounds of championships. I have a couple of clients who do just that.

Hunt for the greatest dividends if you can!

Even a small profit match for the match could amount to a huge amount at the end of the year!

So look for the best matches. However, if you are just starting out, do not be too hung up on hunting for matches with better dividends. Have the experience to begin with.


I personally hunt for the best rates

Since I make a significant number of bets, even a small increase in dividends from my bets gives me a lot more profit at the end of the year. However, for a beginner, do not get too hung up on this. Use a large and stable bookie and play with him.

What to do if the odds are very different for bookmakers

different odss

First of all, choose a bookmaker with a large turnover of money.

Make sure that this bookmaker gives accurate and stable odds.

If you see that your bookmaker gave odds that do not meet our two rules, and the other bookmaker odds for the same match “satisfy the rules”, still DO NOT STOP this match.

If your bookmaker meets both rules for the match, and the other offices “do not satisfy”, then make a bet.

How do I control the percentage of patency of my bets

Sometimes I fall into the “black bars”. Then I temporarily modify Rule 2 and put it when the difference in the ratios of the favorite and the outsider is 0.8, 0.9 or more. I continue to do so while my percentage of passability and profit stabilize, and then go back to the previous rule 2, in which the gap in the coefficients is 0.5.

When to bid

I usually make bets in the morning and forget about them. I do not care if the coefficients change. A good property of tennis is a small change in the coefficients. They are quite stable with a reliable bookmaker.

If the coefficients in other formats:

All my examples were in decimal coefficients. If your bookmaker uses a different format, then on sites like bet 365 there are functions to convert coefficients from one format to another.

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