How to become a professional table tennis player?

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Table tennis has become an Olympic sport since 1988 and has been gaining popularity since then. Learning to play table tennis just for fun can be easy but taking it to the whole other level can be challenging as it is a competitive field. Aspiring to be a professional player takes hard work and dedication.

  1. It is recommended to get good coaching early on if you want to take it to the professional level. Like this way, you can build your foundation early on and strengthen it over the years. Many say that the earlier you start the game, the better. Also, There is a need for aspiring professional athletes to have a prior experience in sports, knowledge of the game and the rules
  2. Get into a club- A table tennis club. You will be able to play with different players and even get some great tips for you to improve your game.
  3. Practice as much as possible. Practice even more than the number of times you compete Maintain quality and quantity in training. All of the pro table tennis players gave their time to practice, and so now they are at the professional level. With practice, you can also sharpen your physical aspects such as your speed, agility and balance.
  4. Work on the techniques from the first stage until the end. Master the fundamentals of your grip, footwork, serve stroke, smash and spin. Once you understand the game, you can come up with a strategy that plays your strengths up and covers your weaknesses. The four type of players’ are- Control players, Defensive players, Offensive players and Power players. Once you know the game well, you will know the type of players.
  5. Table tennis requires fast reflexes and coordination, and so you sharpen your skills in this area- play with multi-ball.
  6. Some pro-table tennis players mentioned how important it is to get a good coach that will build you up. Be it a private coaching or corner coaching in tournaments
  7. Find a good practice partner so that you can hone your skills and work on your weaknesses.
  8. Enter various table tennis tournaments whether it is in a small local game, regional tournament or even the national tournaments. Whether you win or not, participating in tournaments gives you an experience and lets you analyse your game. Moreover, in this game, your opponent would kill someone as skilled as you or even better than you, so you learn a lot from it.
  9. Practice with good equipment. There is a difference when you play with cheap equipment and a good one. If you maintain consistencies with your equipment and practice, it will definitely enhance your skills.
  10. Maintain composure and have patience. There are times when you smash a ball, and it hits the net. This happens because you did not choose the right ball to smash and don’t lose your composure even if the game may not be going according to how you wanted. Stay calm and never give up on the game until the game is up.

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